photo of greg parker

Hello again!

I'm Greg Parker, a product designer in the second year of my Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, currently looking for full time roles beginning in Summer 2023.

Originally, my passion for technology led me to pursue my bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a role as an engineer helping millions achieve financial well-being. Even so, I sensed something was missing. I realized I was always lost in the implementation details - in the how. I was always handed the business requirements to a solution, but never got to decide what we were building and why. This led me to exploring the field of experience design, and after a few side projects I fell in love with solving human problems even more so than technical ones.

When I'm not designing or coding, I'm an amateur home pizzaiolo 🍕 and barista ☕.

You can also find me cycling around New York 🚲, capturing the city or my travels on camera 📷, learning piano 🎹 and gaming 🎮